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F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

“Fetgatter gives a wonderfully tough yet layered performance, and voices one powerful monologue that showcases some of the play’s most memorable images (at one point describing a huge wave looming “like a sheet of dough being rolled off” toward the boat).”

      -WAY DOWNRIVER review by James Hebert of The San Diego Union-Tribune

“Sara Fetgatter is captivating as Ellie. We can read her face and eyes like a book, yet there’s more to her than meets the eye.”

       -WAY DOWNRIVER review by Eric George Tauber of San Diego Jewish World

"Fetgatter fills her role with infectious energy, carrying all of her star-sized emotions to the limit."

     -IT'S ONLY A PLAY review by Jim Sulzer of Inquirer and Mirror

"Fetgatter is delightfully engaging as Sarah Goldman. This is her debut at Broward, but hopefully it won’t be her last appearance. She has real star power... With her brunette good looks and tendency toward exasperation, she is reminiscent of Mary Tyler Moore in The Dick Van Dyke Show."

       -BEAU JEST review by Dale King of Palm Beach Arts Paper

"Fetgatter's performance is just as engaging as Bowie's, perhaps even more so in this updated Hedwig thanks to the expanded space that affords her a better opportunity to strut her own considerable talents onstage. Her transformation at show's end only underscores Fetgatter's superb portrayal from the very start of the show."

       -HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH review by Jeffrey Ellis of      

"Sara Fetgatter is wonderfully skanky as Linda, and she makes the most of her rather limited time onstage to create a memorable character that you absolutely love to hate, even if you feel the need to go the free clinic afterwards."

      - THE WEDDING SINGER review by Jeffrey Ellis of

“-the production strides forward into the decade’s more turbulent later years, giving Sara Fetgatter the chance to shine as a troubled Janis Joplin.”

         -BEEHIVE:THE 60's MUSICAL! review by James Buescher of Lancaster Newspaper Inc


New York Madness

Sara has joined the acting company of NYMadness! Going from page to stage within one week with eight short plays written in response to a theme, Madness events create a unique cultural moment for diverse audiences and offer playwrights, directors, and actors opportunities to experiment with new work and cultivate professional relationships in a collaborative environment. Check out the details in the link below!



The new absurdist comedy web series about two eccentric gent, who move in with a woman who just wanted normal roommates. Look for Sara in episodes 6, 9, and 10!

Check it out with the link below.

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